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The concert of carols “Opaiţ” brought joy in the hearts of listeners

Sunday, December 18th, 2016, volunteers of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity and the Social Services Centre “Samariteanul Milostiv” (Merciful Samaritan) that belongs to the parish of “Sf. Voievozi” Săvineşti, Neamt County, attended the concert of carols organized by the Mitropoly of Moldova and Bucovina -,,Opaiţ ” held at the “Stephanus Magnus” hall of the “Agora” events center from Iași.

At “Opaiţ” event, held with the blessing and presence of His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina, the audience had the opportunity to listen this year the following choirs: „Vlăstarele Ortodoxiei” – ATOR Piatra Neamţ, „Vestitorii Bucuriei” – ATOR Târgu Neamţ, ATOR Botoşani choir, ATOR Bucecea Botoşani choir, „Învierea” – ASCOR Iaşi choir, „Byzantion” academical choir, „Visarion Puiu” – ATOR Paşcani choir and „Arhanghelii” – ATOR Iaşi choir.

This year concert, “Opaiţ”, held by the Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina was organized by members of the College “St. Nicholas” from Iaşi and has proposed a return to the archaic Christmas, the main purpose being to remind young people that it is possible to transmit the ancient tradition of carols and be in the same time young, connected to the world demands.

With the occasion of this event the representatives of the Foundation promoted the products created in the protected unit “Armonia”, knapsacks, basil aspergillum, embroidered bookmarks with traditional motifs, and wallets with cords.

The funds raised by the volunteers of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity and of the Social Services Centre “Samariteanul Milostiv” (Merciful Samaritan) at this beautiful event, will bring a touch of joy during the winter holidays in the hearts of the children who receive daily hot meals at the Social – Educational Center ” Popasul Iubirii Milostive” (Merciful Love Halt) from Săvineşti, through the involvement and dedication of the parish priest Petru Munteanu.

The Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ is by excellence the event from the salvation history that brings the greatest joy in the hearts and homes of the believers. By proclaming the Nativity of Jesus Christ, those who carol give people joy and hope. The custom of carolling managed to keep itself alive until today, without losing its meaning.

Attending the event, His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina sent the audience a message: “May Godgive you the strength to be as angels, shepherds and the Wise Men, because they are the carolers that from the sky, from Bethlehem or from the Far East, left to reveal Christ. They have discovered Him and with great joy, meaning and fullness of life received Him in their existence. Can we find the same simplicity of the shepherds, the Wise Men wisdom and the same desire as God’s angel’s glorification, having Him inside us and among us? It’s a call that I want to see established in the conscience of all.”

Corina Băhneanu