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English Courses Funded by the U.S. Embassy in Săvineşti

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018 the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity started a special educational project in Săvineşti in partnership with the U.S. Embassy. The project named “English Language Program for Youth” aims at improving the English language knowledge, as well as the knowledge about the U.S.A. culture and history for a number of 40 children, students of Săvineşti Communal School.

The project beneficiaries are aged between 9 and 15 and belong to vulnerable social categories.

We chose to include in our program children who are interested in improving their English knowledge and learning more about the United States, hoping that this will later increase their chances of being admitted to prestigious high schools, included in the labor market and, in general, having access to a better life” declared Fr. Petru Munteanu, the coordinator of this project and the president of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity.

The courses will take place considering two age groups, each group attending 4 hours of weekly classes until the end of the current school year, in June 2019. During the course, a visit of the U.S. Ambassador to Săvineşti is also scheduled, as well as a trip of the children included in the program to Bucharest, at the Embassy headquarters.

The children are delighted and are already asking if they can participate in the next school year too,” said Brindusa Albert, the English teacher who organizes the courses.

Finally, here are some motivations of course participants:

I decided to attend the English classes in order to develop my vocabulary in this language and spend some productive hours after school. I have always liked traditions, English songs. When I was younger, I used to watch American cartoons such as Scooby Doo. One of my greatest dreams today is to travel or maybe even work in a country in America.” Ţăndărel Ioana Andreea

“I came to these courses because I really like English and I want to know how to speak it. I’m 12. I think it would help me a lot!” Habic Denisa