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Working visit in the Republic of Moldova

The creation camp “Angel Wings” wants this year to cross the Romanian borders. Thus, on 15th March 2016 a delegation of eight people, employees and volunteers of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity from Piatra Neamt went to Republic of Moldova in order to find a suitable area for organizing the camp for our young Moldavian neighbors.

Among the delegation members we mention priest Petru Munteanu – director of the Foundation, Mrs. Augusta Jumanca – vice president of the German Democratic Forum from Piatra Neamt, Miss Agafia Rosu – social worker in the parish “Sf. Voievozi ” from Săvineşti, priest Ovidiu George Chirita – editor at Jurnal Spiritual radio, Mr. Andrei Mariș – coordinator of Radio Ciufulici, Ms. Cristina Petrariu – accountant at Fundația Solidaritate și Speranță – filiala Săvinești (Solidarity and Hope Foundation –  subsidiary Săvineşti) and Mr. Ciprian Băbuşanu – photographer.

The first stop wasn’t made at the custom house, but at Centrul de recuperare și reabilitare Rășești (the Centre of recovery and rehabilitation Răşeşti), Vaslui County, where were donated sweets, school supplies, linens, to the 50 beneficiaries and “their sincere excitement and the songs they sung in gratitude filled our souls to satisfaction of a job well done and well received “, said priest George Chiriță.

The center was established in 2007 and  its services benefits a number of 50 adults with mental and physical disabilities. “In general our beneficiaries come from a larger center in Huși that was restructured and only five of them still keep in touch with their family. For us the gesture that you made means a lot, you could see their joy, we welcome any help, anytime, we thank you from the heart and we welcome you another time as well “, said Mrs. Afloarei Monica Ramona – director of the center.

In Moldova, the delegation was welcomed by Mr. Vlad Caragia, from Radio Datina Chisinau, who undertook the role of guide, leading the delegation in the three visited villages, Văsieni, Ulm and Răzeni.

“With the support and guidance of Mr. Vlad Caragia from Datina Radio Chisinau, we visited three villages, seeking the best location for a transnational project. A creation camp of 10 days that takes place in August. The Foundation Together for Social Solidarity provides qualified staff in organizing the activities with the children during the camp, teaching materials and prizes at the end of the 10 days camp period and the Moldavian hosts.

Over 100 children and youth participating in the camp, as well as the location and all the infrastructure available for a better implementation of the project. All mayors have tried, with great passion, to promote their community with its strengths in organizing the camp. In Văsieni we found a village museum, where two rooms were reserved for the meetings with children and the elderly from the village, and in Ulm, a spacious and well equipped school and a kindergarten. But Răzeni impressed us, both by the opening and vitality of the mayor Ion Cretu. Who wasdetermined not to be inferior to the mayors of Văsieni and Ulm, but as well as by the rich infrastructure existing and functioning in his village, representing both an opportunity and a challenge for our team, that will have to provide a program according to the expectations. Finally, we visited the Radio Datina, a cultural and Christian radio broadcasting in the Chisinau, that re-broadcasts Radio Trinitas the Romanian Patriarchate programs as well. We liked both the technical equipment of the studio as well as Mr. Vlad Caragia zeal and courage, our guide through Republic of Moldova. I believe that the the visit was a success, both in establishing the location of the creation camp that will take place in August, and personally speaking, making contact with people, places and the specifics of our Moldavian neighbors”  said priest George Chirita.

As custom, the guests offered the mayors a bookmark, a phone case that has the traditional Romanian symbols and a calendar “Helpful words for 365 days – Jurnal Spiritual” and  to the children from the school and kindergarten of Ulm were offered plush toys, school supplies and sweets.

Asked if the organization of the camp for children in Moldova, along with the participation of young volunteers from Romania is welcomed, Mr. Vlad Caragia said: “It’s not only welcomed, but it’s necessary to organise as many camps involving volunteers from Romania. I am convinced that these camps, in addition to their social mission will contribute to a better mutual understanding. Today, in the context of globalization, when its fashionable the “inter” it would be a shame for us that have the same language, culture and traditions to not have activities together. Many of us  want to be together, but until then we want to organize more activities and events. If in the early 90s Romania was at the same economic and social level as Republic of  Moldova, maybe even lower,  in most areas now Romania’s improvement is about five times more. Moldova needs Romania’s experience. “

So, the young people will have the opportunity, first of all, to speak Romanian and enrich their knowledge regarding the Romanian history, culture and civilization. Then, they will have the opportunity to meet, make friends and to recognize themselves as representatives of the same language, culture and spirituality.

Brîndușa Dediu