Alienum phaedrum torquatos nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem.


Fundația Împreună pentru Solidaritate Socială / Noutăți  / It’s summer, it’s vacation, it’s hiking day in the Creation Camp “Angel Wings”!

It’s summer, it’s vacation, it’s hiking day in the Creation Camp “Angel Wings”!

“A child can teach anytime an adult three things: how to be happy for no reason, how not never sit still and how to persistently ask for what he wants.” Paulo Coelho

The social services center “Samariteanul Milostiv” (Merciful Samaritan) is the place where we mantain the charm of childhood, just like in “The Memories” of Creanga and the hearts of the volunteers leap with joy when the yard is filled with bustle and fun.

The Foundation Together for Social Solidarity, in partnership with the parish”Sf. Voievozi” from Săvineşti continues to surprise the little ones enrolled in the camp, but also the volunteers and staff participating in the 3rd series of participants at the summer camp.

From July 21st 2016, early morning, the children attending the camp had a new challenge, namely a hike in Neamt, havingthe itinerary Săvineşti – Piatra Neamt – Neamţ Fortress – Nemţişor – Neamţ Monastery – Buffalo Zoo- Ion Creangă Memorial Houseand back.

“A trip in Neamt County offers us the opportunity to visit some of the famous monasteries of Moldova, to admire the Moldavian religious architecture and enjoy the spiritual wealth of the people in this area, as well as important cultural attractions with a rich historical significance. Therefore, we are glad that we can offer this trip to the children, as they need to know the history of where they spent part of the holiday. In addition to the 34 participants of our camp, we have with us a group of hikers, coordinated by priest Alexandru Munteanu from Zăneşti. All of us are 68 people, “said Ms. Ana Tofan, director of the camp “Angel Wings”.

The first objective that we visited was Neamt Fortress, where “children learned with the help and guide of the area, many details of the battles given here, victories obtained by the ruler Ștefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) and many other wonderful things” as told by Marina Gîrbea, volunteer at the camp.

It was a great surprise when the Neamt Fortress hikers met the parish priest Petru Munteanu, director of the Foundation, which expected them with fruits, pretzels and cold water. Hejoined the group and went together in Poiana Nemţişor, close to Neamt Monastery, home of the youth camp organized by the Archdiocese of Iaşi. Here they were welcomed by priest protos. Nicodim Petre, coordinator of the Youth Mission Department of the Archdiocese of Iasi, where he presented the surroundings and history of the area.

“The vision of the Department of Youth Mission of Iasi Archdiocese is to create a generation of young members living by Christ rules. We are trying to bring together young people from all over Moldova and even over the Prut, in order to befriend them in the church, around God, to be more precise here they have the opportunity to play, to communicate and to pray together and know what is the purpose of life. This year’s theme is provocative because it talks about friendship and about travel, as travel doesn’t end in this life, we want to help them to understand that at one-time death comes, but the journey will continue. Time goes fast, we have beautiful and important trips for this life, but everything we do now continues with a trip to the other life, and this trip should be prepared now. <How do we prepare for our trip?> is the question, whether the trip is done alone or in groups, meaning inthe church. Do we go alone on the boat or along with others who are in the church?”, said priest  protos. Nicodim Petre.

Goodwill, fun, and fine weather accompanied the small group of “tourists”. In the buses, the young people sang the Camp Hymn and the Friendship Hymn, as well as some religious songs.

​In a wonderful landscape, which makes you forget the social problems faced everyday, at Neamt Monastery. The young people learned about the history of the cult, which according to documents and old traditions, was founded by the Prince of Moldova Petru Musat. This ruler builded the 1st church, around which the moldovan orthodox monks lived in, respecting the traditional monastic rules. At the same time the hikers admired the beautiful landscape of the area.

“All the places we visited today were very beautiful and interesting, but my attention was directed towards Neamt Fortress because I didn’t visit it for a long time. The information received from the city guide, and from father Nicodim, is very valuable tous”, said Trepăduș Nicoleta Monica, volunteer in the camp.

Nobody knows how the day passed… The interest of the children left pleasant impressions to the volunteers of the Foundation and it’ collaborators. “It was a wonderful day.” concluded the little “tourists”. With wishes of good night and a terrible desire to share with their family what they seen in the trip, each of them went to their home.

It was certainly an unforgettable day!

We note that the trip was possible with the support of Neamt County Council, S.C. Troleibuzul S.A. and the support given by Vânători Neamț City Hall, represented by Mrs. Maria Petrariu, the village mayor.

Brîndușa Dediu