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The Intercultural Camp “Angel Wings” in Moldova

The Intercultural Camp “Angel Wings” in Moldova

Motto: “Look now at what’s good and what’s beautiful, than brothers that live together” (Ps 132).

On August 17th I had the pleasure of being invited by priest Petru Munteanu to attend the first edition of the Intercultural Camp “Angel wings” in Moldova. Once arrived in Moldova, we were greeted by Mr. Ion Cretu, Mayor of Răzeni, Ialoveni and we had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and places.

It’s my first trip to Moldova and I was deeply impressed by the warmth and hospitality with which we were greeted.

After the official opening of the camp, the mayor offered us accomodation in two households in the village Răzeni, the ownersbeing very pleased of hosting us.

Within the activities in the camp, I organized catechesis clasess, during which children of three groups Piticot, Juniors and Seniors were very receptive as the curriculum education in Moldova doesn’t include  religion classes.

At school I was introduced to the school personell, Mrs. Natalia Bivol- director of “Ion Pelivan” High School, priest Cotorobai Ion – teacher in the school. But who also teaches other subjects (Law class). Priest Ion invited us to the Mass organised for the holiday “Transfiguration of the Lord.”

The children received an Orthodox Christian catechism book as a gift, from which I extracted some catechetical themes.

A large number of other catechisms books were donated to the Orthodox Parish “Sfântul Nicolai de vară ” (St. Nicolai of summer) from the village Răzeni, in order to be distributed in the religious services, by the parish priest Ion Cotorobai.

During the camp, organised between 17th to 19th August 2016,  the three days that passed quickly but we managed to meet all our objectives.

At the closure of the camp participated the Deputy Mayor Eugene Gurău, which thanked us and the director Natalia Bivol.

The children that attended the camp held an art program, under the guidance of our camp volunteers.

I left with a good impression from Moldova, being expected next year at the second edition of the Intercultural Camp “Angel Wings” by the mayor and the officials of Răzeni and the educational institutions from Răzeni.

Priest Meraru Mihai, Paroh Parohia Dragomirești, Jud. Neamț 

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