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Annual Report – 2016

The 2016, our philanthropical affiliation “Together for Social Solidarity” it accompanied Yearly Report joins the achievements that we have had, the endeavors and activities undertakings and exercises that we have convey, and furthermore the people who contributed and made this possible.

Year of 2016 was a very busy time framed by various events, which it was also true for our Foundation.

We have conclude the year 2016 with a peace of mind, because we had managed to support with the help from our supporters and employee, hundreds of children and youth from Neamţ county and not only.

It has been a full 12 months, where we have carried out social and philanthropic activities for family and also family members from different backgrounds.

A free After-school program successfully continue this year, with the intention to help and assist this group of children with their homework, different activities, deepening knowledge, making up to date with the school material, to improve learning difficulties, and behavioral and ethical dilemmas.

We organized a camp “Angels Wings” in six series, the one from August 17-26 being offered for free, and the first edition in the Republic of Moldova was also offered free of charge.

Participants benefited from various activities, games and entertainment, down to earth abilities, that engaging them in education purposes.

All of these things were conceivable thanks to those who have joined us: volunteers, benefactors, charitable partners.

We also thank all of them for their support. This year, many “guarding angels” have joined us, which gives us confidence to move forward and continue our mission.

In order to continue our goal in an efficient way, we invite you to join us in 2017 and together to bring our contribution to building a healthier, more beneficial life based on education and knowledge!

Remember, all things are possible for those who believe.

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