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Fair of the protected units

Every year, on 3rd  December, we celebrate the International Day of the Disabled people.

On this occasion, are promoted programs that have as an objective the improvement the living conditions for these disadvantaged groups.

December 3rd is known, internationally, as a day of significance, an occasion to reaffirm the values and fundamental rights of the people with disabilities, a day that brings together under one purpose institutions, people with disabilities and organizations working in the disability field.

This year, the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly and the National Authority for Persons with Disabilities (ANPD), along with public and private partners, people with disabilities, wanted to mark this day with a series of events that contribute to the prioritization of the positioning of disability issues on the social agenda.

Thus, between 3rd-5th December 2016 was organized “The fair of the protected units”, taking place on Amzei plateau in Bucharest. The objective of this fair was to increase the visibility of protected forms of employment (protected units), emphasizing the role of social economy in employing persons with disabilities and encouraging employment and community integration of people with disabilities.

The protected units are social economy entities known in Europe under the name of Work Integration Social Entreprises (WISE) or employability businesses.

In the register of protected units enrolls also the sewing-embroidery workshop “Armonia” (Harmony) of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity from Piatra Neamt. The workshop was founded in the spring of 2016 and since than is making Romanian traditional products that you can find on the website We recommend you to try them, you will be back.


Volunteers within the organisation were present at the fair organized on Amzei plateau in Bucharest, managing to sweeten the taste buds, using the products offered by, of those eager to remember theirchildhood taste. The opening “Fair of the protected units” was done in the presence of the minister of labour, Dragos Pîslaru, that marked his presence by visiting the foundation stand.

“I am very pleased that we managed these days to attend the Fair of the Protected Units. Within the Foundation, where I am a volunteer, are done wonderful things. It encouraged the social economy, people with disabilities are employed, are created outstanding products, that combine the past with the present. But not only that, the funds raised from the sales of products have a dual role, as it supports needy children in Săvineşti by providingthem a hot meal at noon, and the second, of course, to provide jobs. We are thanksfull to the minister Dragos Pîslaru that visited our stand“, said Sabina Ghiroghiu, a volunteer within the foundation.​

Brîndușa Dediu