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The “Angel wings” intercultural camp arrived in Republic of Moldova

Together for Social Solidarity Foundation from Piatra Neamt, at the initiative of it’s director, priest Petru Munteanu, launched this year the first edition of the Intercultural Camp “Angel wings” in Republic of Moldova.

Since this year’s spring a delegation of the Foundation, accompanied by Mrs. Augusta Jumanca – Vice President of the German Democratic Forum from Piatra Neamt, went to Răzeni, Ialoveni, Moldova in order to sign a cooperation partnership with the local authorities from the area in order to organize a free daytime summer camp for young Moldavians.

Without any problems, they signed the cooperation partnership. On August 16th 2016, volunteers involved in organizing the camp went to Republic of Moldova. They brought along child car seats, toddler chairs, toys and games, trellises for gymnastics, mattresses, and clothing, some  kitchen utensils,  that were donated there.

Between the 17th to 19th of August 2016, young people from Moldova and Romania had the opportunity, first of all, to speak Romanian and enrich their knowledge of Romanian history, culture and civilization. Than had the opportunity to know each other, make friends and recognize themselves as representatives of the same language, culture and spirituality community.

“Although the location was different, the Republic of Moldova, experience was the same. The children from the camp made me feel like home. We interacted through games, art, music, poetry and of course, the history that unites us. I had a very good collaboration with the directors of the public institutions, Răzeni City Hall, “Alunelul” Kindergarten and <Ion Pelivan>High School. I hope to see eachother again next year and organise a camp full of love and art, “said Agafia Roșu, social worker within the Foundation.

The camp started on Wednesday, August 17th 2016. Over 130 young people from Republic of Moldova enjoyed a few days of joy through painting, music, history workshops and childhood games. A few days later the children learned the camp Anthem,  already known in Săvineşti and the friendship Anthem. They had time to present a small artistic program at the end of camp, both the little ones from kindergarten, as well as the teenagers.

“This camp is possible due to the collaboration between Răzeni Village Hall representatives, Mr. Ion Cretu, mayor of our village, along with the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity from Piatra Neamt, Neamt County, Romania, managed by priest Petru Munteanu, director of the Foundation,” said Mrs. Bivol Natalia and director of “Ion Pelivan”  High School at  the opening of camp celebration.

The delegation of Together for Social Solidarity Foundation was composed of priest Mihai Meraru, Agafia Roșu, Bulai Mihaela, Adrian Rădulescu and Corina Băhneanu.

Loving and full of energy young people, kept up with the participants enrolled in the camp. “In Republic of Moldova, we were received with great warmth, enthusiasm and curiosity; especially the smaller ones, who didn’t know what surprises await them. The children were very responsive, engaged and eager to participate in all activities proposed by us. I sang, I drew, I coloured and recited poems; I tried to make friends and to transform the little time spent together into unforgettable moments” said Corina Băhneanu, volunteers coordinator within the camp.

The days passed very quickly and the last day of camp came with other surprises; guests from Romania attended the closing ceremony of the camp. Mrs. Augusta Jumanca, Vice President of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Piatra Neamt and Mr.Andrei Mariş, coordinator of Radio Ciufulici, watched the little artistic event prepared by the little ones from “Alunelul” Kindergarten.

“I’m glad that I’m back among you; congratulations to everyone involved in organizing this beautiful camp. That wanted to bring something new and on behalf of priest Munteanu, we are committed to try to work together again in the future, either by giving donations or by organizing another camp. Thanks to City Hall Răzeni, represented by Ion Cretu Mayor and, Eugene Gurău, deputy Mayor, teachers and everyone who got involved in organising the activities from the camp, and especially to the children attending the camp, because without them we wouldn’t organised this event”, said Mrs. Augusta Jumanca.

Visibly excited, Mrs. Maria Jauba, director of “Alunelul” Kindergarten, said: “We want to thank our guests from Romania for these wonderful days spent in our institution and also to priest Petru Munteanu and Mrs. Augusta Jumanca for the gifts that they brought us. Starting today, when we enter the classes, we will see the beautiful chairs we received, for the gym class we received stairs for the activities, and to be able to do your homeworks you received many supplies “.

Hoping that in the following years will be organised another camp for Moldavian young people, Mr. Eugene Gurău confessed to the visitors: “We want to thank you for these wonderful days;we are pleased that this camp took place here in Răzeni and we want a following of this project, that why we expect you here next year.”

At the end of the event, everyone involved in the project declared that a camp like this one is not only welcomed, but its necessary to organize as many camps involving volunteers from Romania. I am convinced that these camps, in addition to their social mission will contribute to a better mutual understanding.

Brîndușa Dediu