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The Social Solidarity Fair reached it’s 3rd edition

Monday, December 5th 2016, starting at 10:00 am,  in Atrium conference room of Hotel Plaza Central from Piatra Neamt, was held the 3rd edition of the Social Solidarity Fair. The event was organized by the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity, which is The Social Solidarity Fair reached it’s 3rd edition under the management and coordination of priest Petru Munteanu. And proposed topics for discussion such as civic participation, volunteering, improved quality of life, social services, humanitarian aid and community development.

The number of participants at the Social Solidarity Fair increases from year to year, this year managing to bring together thirty-three non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Some of the attending foundations and associations were: Mușatinii Association Roman, Peace Humanitarian Foundation – Roman, The Association for Special Needs Persons Support – Luceafarul – Piatra Neamț, „Univers Plus” Foundation – Neamț, Riana Association, The Foundation for local development Speranta – Targu Neamt, C.R.E.E.D – The Center of Economic Resources and Education for Development, Red Cross Society, Caritas Association Roman, Inner Wheel Organisation – Bacau, The Democratic Forum of Germans,  The Humanitarian Association Ursula Honeck – Piatra Neamt and throughout the course of the event, the organizations had presentation stands.

“I am happy to see you again this year, with most of you, at the third edition of the Social Solidarity Fair. This fair was established from our great desire and need to get to know other people, other organizations, associations, foundations, public institutes working, like us, on the social area, from our need to exchange experiences, to ask advice and, ultimately, not to feel alone in the challenges we face every day”, said Mrs. Brînduşa Albert, at the opening of the activity.

In the first part of the event all participating organizations made a presentation in which they briefly described shortly the activity they undertook and the purpose they were fighting for.

“Today it’s a special moment because we feel this state of goodness and beautifulnes that gives volunteering to those who discover that when you give something, you actually experience a good feeling. We are aware that only together we can achieve great things. Man is a social being par excellence through creation.

We are open to each other and when we isolate ourselves or live in complacency, we do nothing but suffer. Social solidarity is nothing but experiencing our human values”, said priest Petru Munteanu, director of the Foundation Together for Social Solidarity.

Along with therepresentatives of the invited NGOs, was Mr. Dragos Chitic, mayor of Piatra Neamt, who wished to address a word of support and encouragement to all present.

“I want to say that I, as mayor of this town, I’d feel without a hand if I wouldn’t have the support and contribution that these associations bring to the city. There are extraordinary things that happen, there are ideas that come to the town hall and we try to support as many such ideas.

Believe me, when I see involvement in certain areas in which we sometimes are not sufficiently prepared to intervene, my heart fills with joy. The fact that today is held in Piatra Neamt such a fair is a great way to mark the International Volunteering Day. Let us attract people to volunteer, to promote it and to tell everyone how important it is for any community”, said Mr. Dragos Chitic.​

In the second part of the day were held workshops, during which those present had the opportunity to promote their activities and to participate in workshops on themes as Social Economy.

  • Benefits for NGOs, First Aid, Handmade Techniques, Erasmus + Workshop, Workshop on accessing European grants. After ending the discussions, all the participants enjoyed the special Christmas recital of the quartet “4 Magic Quartet” from Bacau.

The audience enjoyed the presence of an expert in the field of accessing external funds, which whom they had the opportunity to discuss various issues encountered in carrying out their activites and were able to unravel what steps must be done in order to achieve their objectives.

“It`s a great pleasure for me to be here and I thank  priest Munteanu and the organizers for inviting me to participate in this event; it’s the first time I participate. I represent a consulting firm in the field of accessing European funds. (…)

Assuming that volunteering is a free act, but to give free stuff, somewhere must be a support as well; even if our souls are willing to offer for free our time, our resources to the people around us, we still need material resources based on which we can make these wonderful deeds “,said Mr. Ionut Bursuc, external funds adviser.

“This is the second year that I attend the Social Solidarity Fair; I am very glad that I could honor the invitation and see people involved and committed to their activity. I always wanted to help people in need, but what sensibilized me in a profound way are the children. I am involved in volunteering for about four years and priest Munteanu taught me that doing good is a blessing. I have encouraged my children to get involved, to provide support to those in need; my daughter is a volunteer for years, makingactivities with autistic and Down Syndrome children”, said Ms.Nicoleta Alexa, Inner Wheel President Bacau.

This event is intended to become, in time, a bridge between organizations aimed at helping those in difficult situations.

Corina Băhneanu 

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